I've a CPT: Services and created two posts underneath it. Now, both those posts have some static content which is different in structure and design from each other. How do I place that content in my single-services.php so that it gets showed up for the appropriate posts?

I have a vague idea of putting the two posts under separate categories or create a custom taxonomy but don't know how do I proceed after that or is there a completely different and easier method to achieve this?

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WordPress allows to do this rather neatly for pages, supporting page-$slug.php and page-$id.php templates in hierarchy. Unfortunately it doesn't apply to posts and Custom Post Types.

So your options are either handling this inside single-services.php (in one file, or by further including other template files) or adjusting hierarchy to use custom templates for your posts as needed.

  • I guess I'll change them to pages, put them under the category of 'services' and remove the CPT completely. Thanks!
    – nimsrules
    Dec 24, 2014 at 9:02

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