Is there a way to make a conditional tag that tests if it is search-no-results page?

I know that there is a function to check if is_search() page:

    echo "search page";

But I didn't found a way to check for search-no-results, and I noticed that WordPress gives body class with search-no-results to this page.

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There is no conditional tag for no results on a search page, but you can create yourself one.

You basically just have to check the value of $wp_query->found_posts, if it is 0, returns false, any other value, returns true

function is_search_has_results() {
    return 0 != $GLOBALS['wp_query']->found_posts;
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Actually it should be like this.

function is_search_has_results() {
  if ( is_search()) {
    global $wp_query;
    $result = ( 0 != $wp_query->found_posts ) ? true : false;
    return $result;

Why not use code like this in your search.php template :

if ( have_posts() ) {

    return default search results query

} else {

    Your custom query


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