Well I want to know how the viewer on my website can change the wordpress current date to the post date (preferable from the dropdown as Day and Month). So if today's wordpress date is 22 December, there must be some way to have dropdown for both days and months).


Well I've worked on an PHP Code which displays a table values each day. Each values are differ from each day. With my designed code, they only able to view the current date values but not the whole year. Obviously my designed code takes the date of the Wordpress default. So I need a way I can also put the whole year dates in dropdown way so that If customer selects any date, it must change the wordpress time. With this,a viewer can check the values of whole year. I also want to load the page with the current date

Indication for this can also be fine


  • Do you want to put date filter for user? so user can select day and month then that day and month post will load , Like this way you want? – Helping Hands Dec 22 '14 at 10:14
  • Kinda yes, but not "Post", it must totally change the current time of the wordpress and must display future dates (e.g. 01, May, 2018) – Shoeb Mirza Dec 22 '14 at 10:22
  • sorry , I am not getting you..that actually you want when user select day and month.. – Helping Hands Dec 22 '14 at 10:24
  • yeah, when user select day and month (this is not a membership site, so I dont need to have any kind of logins/making account). When I say user, it means any viewer of the site. – Shoeb Mirza Dec 22 '14 at 10:26
  • yes but what should happen when user select day and month? – Helping Hands Dec 22 '14 at 10:28

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