I have a wordpress multisite installation on a domain.
I defined each site as a sub-domain.
For Example:
www.example.com -- Main Domain
www.test1.example.com --- is the another site similarly I have another 4/5 sites that uses single installation of wordpress ( WPMU )
Now I want to add a fully qualified domain such as
www.mydomain.com to www.test1.example.com

I have tried using parked domain in cPannel of my web host, But it's not possible as the sub-domains are virtually created by wordpress.

In number of forums, I read there is a plugin (WordPress MU Domain Mapping), but I don't want to depend on any 3rd party script.

is there any way?

Thanks in advance....

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Domain mapping allows a blog on a multisite install to serve from any domain name. This way a blog does not have to be a subdirectory of the main install, or a subdomain. The WordPress Default supports Domain Mapping without Alias. Add the Domain in the blog-settings to the blog of the Network administration area.

Often is it helpful - but not necessary, to set the COOKIE_DOMAIN constant to an empty string in your wp-config.php:

define( 'COOKIE_DOMAIN', '' );

Otherwise WordPress will always set it to your network’s $current_site->domain, which could cause issues in some situations.

WordPress Core hopes to provide Domain Alias Mapping in the future, but until then you can make use of one of the following plugins:


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