I've created a theme at underscores.me and it seems it is multi-language ready.

There is a .pot file in the language folder, so I downloaded POEdit and translated the things in there (like Posted on, Edit, 1 Comment, x Comments and so on)

Are the above posted words not from the theme but from Wordpress? If so, why it is in English although I have a German Wordpress installed (Backend is in German)?

So I saved it and also as a .mo file and uploaded both files on my server into the languages folder. But the translations are not working

  • How did you name the files – Pieter Goosen Dec 17 '14 at 16:58
  • mythemename.pot mythemename.mo – Hans Ullrich Dec 17 '14 at 16:59

When naming your po and mo files in a theme, you need to only make use of the language code to name these files. Any other convention will not work

For example, my blog is in Afrikaans and the localization language code is af_AF. My mo and po files are named accordingly, ie, af_AF.po and af_AF.mo

I'm not sure what the codes are for German, but change the filenames accordingly

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