I found a script for making your own contact form in your wordpress site (without plugin) Now, I want to add more clients email accounts as a BCC or CC. how can I do that?

This is me code which define the email address:

if(!isset($hasError)) {
        $emailTo = get_option('tz_email');
        if (!isset($emailTo) || ($emailTo == '') ){
            $emailTo = 'ponim@orot.ac.il';


  • How can we add this bcc email in php code for contact form 7 plugin, i m talking about php code not in plugin interface. – Smart Dev Nov 13 '15 at 19:03

If your code uses wp_mail function to send emails, then you can specify multiple recipients using an array or a comma-separated string.

So your $emailTo will be..

$emailTo = array(

If your code does not use wp_mail function then you can define multiple instance of PHP mail function.

To BCC and CC with wp_mail, you must use the $headers argument. If it's not already defined in your wp_mail then here is a simple example.

$headers[] = 'From: Me Myself <me@example.net>';
$headers[] = 'Cc: John Q Codex <jqc@wordpress.org>';
$headers[] = 'Cc: iluvwp@wordpress.org';

Although adding email addresses with array (first code) will work just fine, and unless you have a good reason to use BCC/CC headers, you should use it.

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