In the functions.php file for my theme the .commentslist shows a gravatar and if the user fills in a url in the comment form, you get a


Which prints a link with the name.

I want to put a link around the .avatar image IF there is a link. There is zip/zilch in the resources (https://developer.wordpress.org/?s=comment_author&post_type[]=wp-parser-function&post_type[]=wp-parser-hook&post_type[]=wp-parser-class&post_type[]=wp-parser-method).

It would be like this but this doesn't work:

<?php if ( has_comment_author_link() ) : ?>
  <a href="<?php echo comment_author_url();?>" target="_blank">
<?php endif; ?>

   <?php echo get_avatar( $comment, $size='75' ); ?>

<?php if ( has_comment_author_link() ) : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

But there is no such "has_comment_author_link" and I don't know how to create this.


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Try this:

if( get_comment_author() == get_comment_author_link() )
    echo get_avatar( $comment, $size='75' );
    echo '<a href="' . get_comment_author_url . '">' . get_avatar( $comment, $size='75' ) . '</a>';

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