WordPress allows adding descriptions to Custom Post Types whenever it's registered. ( register_post_type(). I would like to output that title on the Admin Landing Page ( View All Post Type ) preferably underneath the title. I've looked into /wp-admin/edit.php but I'm not sure if the filter presented is usable in this case ( and thus it may not be possible to do ).

Line 274 on Trac is where it looks like the actual title gets set. Is is possible / is there a way to filter into it and add my post type description?


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The filter views_{$this->screen->id} is fired just after the title of post edit screen has been print to screen, so it's a safe place to just echo what you want.

So you can simply do:

function post_type_desc( $views ){

    $screen = get_current_screen();
    $post_type = get_post_type_object($screen->post_type);

    if ($post_type->description) {
      printf('<h4>%s</h4>', esc_html($post_type->description)); // echo 

    return $views; // return original input unchanged

add_filter("views_edit-POST_TYPE_HERE", 'post_type_desc');

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