I have used the following bit of code in another script on the same site, & it worked there.

$this_post_id = get_the_ID();
$key_2_value =  get_post_meta( $this_post_id, 'custom_select', true );
if( ! empty( $key_2_value )) {
echo $key_2_value ;

var_dump outputs string '' (length=0)

I am trying to use it in a script called events-list.php. Events-list.php provides a short list of the events (which are posts) .

The meta field is definitely called custom_select

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    Is get_the_ID returning anything? Echo it out and make sure there's actually an ID. – Matthew Campbell Dec 9 '14 at 18:17
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    You have two semicolons inside your if statement. Aside from that: What does get_the_ID() return and in what context are you calling that? Please add answers with an edit to your question. – kaiser Dec 9 '14 at 18:29

The variable that get_post_meta was stored in was empty because I wasn't getting an id. I was trying to use this code on a category page, not a single event. Without an id it couldn't identify the post_meta to use. So I corrected it with the following:

$latest_cpt = get_posts("post_type=event&numberposts=1"); 
    $theidone =$latest_cpt[0]->ID;

    $this_post_id =  $theidone; //get_the_ID();
    $key_2_value =  get_post_meta( $this_post_id, 'custom_select', true );
    if( ! empty( $key_2_value )) {
    $thisisworking =   $key_2_value ;

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