Can you visit http://cmscard.com/?page_id=9 in firefox ? The links are overlapping there. What to do ? If core pages or theme need to be edited, where to find the pages ? The stylesheet is contained in wp-content

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your provided link there is mistake in your uploaded product images.There is no image in all post/product that's why links are overlapping.

For that whenever you add this all posts/product into wp-admin at that place please select or upload appropriate images or remove this tag from the specific file. file location is below.

wp-content->themes->your-theme->content.php or in template folder your-template.php

  • I've learnt a lesson. Never check in Firefox. Always use google chrome. Chrome shows the webpage as it is.... Dec 7, 2014 at 4:58
  • One more thing is to mention here...the reason why I'm not finding the wp-content folder is that my manager has given me wrong cpanel...so even this happens in web-developing...lol. Dec 7, 2014 at 5:07

Yes I can visit it by firefox. Not the links are overlapping. As there is nothing in the image link "http://cmscard.com/files/wpsc/product_images/thumbnails/about2.jpg". The text between "alt" is overlapping. Make sure that the image link is perfect. Else shorten/delete the text between "alt" tag.

For editing style.css: wp-content > themes > theme name > style.css

add this to css style ,

div.default_product_display div.textcol div.imagecol a img {
    position: absolute;

Anything concerning the look of wordpress can be corrected within the theme folder. You can find that here:


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