I want to generate a list of Custom Taxonomy terms, searching through the searchform. I don't need to return posts associated the the term, I want to return the terms themselves that will link to get_term_link()



Use get_terms() to retrieve terms that match your search query like :

$termsResult = get_terms( 'CUSTOM_TAXONOMY_NAME', 'search=SEARCH_QUERY' );


CUSTOM_TAXONOMY_NAME is your custom taxonomy and SEARCH_QUERY is the string which you are using to search for terms.

Afterwards you can generate list like :

if ( ! empty( $termsResult ) && ! is_wp_error( $termsResult ) ){
  echo '<ul>';
    foreach ( $termsResult as $term ) {
      echo '<li><a href="'.get_term_link( $term ).'">' . $term->name . '</a></li>';
  echo '</ul>';
  • Gah!! I can't believe it was that easy! I couldn't find much about this anywhere out there. Thanks so much.
    – acrane
    Dec 4 '14 at 20:57

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