Here is my problem, i am trying to translate plugin. I use plugin locale hooke

add_filter('plugin_locale', 'pls_locale', 10, 2);

next function wich return language de_DE

   function pls_locale() 
       $pls_language = get_option('jezik');
       return $pls_language;  

finally translate strings something like this

__('text', 'myplugin');

But i have major problem, when i try to change my language in my plugin, also lang on otheres plugins are changed.

Also i cant use load_plugin_textdomain() function because it depends on WPLANG constant, wich change also admin lang, wich i dont want. Any suggestions?


The filter comes with the text domain as second argument. So you could do this:

function wpdev_170138_plugin_locale( $locale, $domain )  {

    if ( $domain === 'myplugin' ) {
        return get_option( 'jezik' );

    return $locale;

add_filter( 'plugin_locale', 'wpdev_170138_plugin_locale', 10, 2 );

Now only your plugin's locale is changed.

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