So I have ten authors on my site, and I want to designate a section where it shows the ten authors and their 5 latest posts in the form of the post title linking to the post.

I tried using the following

<?php get_most_recent_post_of_user( $user_id ); ?>

But it doesn't work, so I'm feeling a bit lost.

Any advice/suggestion?


The function you are using, get_most_recent_post_of_user, won't work as it only retrieves the latest post from the author. It cannot retieve a list of posts

Walks through each of a user's blogs to find the post with the most recent post_date_gmt.

You will most probably be better of using either WP_Query or get_posts to achieve this.

You should first add all your author ID's in an array or use a custom function to dynamically get them, and then use a foreach loop and loop through all the separate ID`s and using each ID in a custom query to retrieve the latest 5 posts from that author

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