I'm writing a simple plugin and want some settings in an array in the functions.php file.

I'm thinking of adding this in the theme functions.php

$test = array('haha' => 'hehe');
my_function( $test);

However I need to fetch it by actions and filters in the plugin. For example I have a function like this:

add_action('wp_head', 'tryit');
function tryit() {

I need it to put the $test array in there. Global variables are bad. Is it possible with do_action, add_action, do_filter, apply filter somehow? Example?


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On top of my head scheme like this should work:

// functions.php

function prefix_get_settings() {
    return array('haha' => 'hehe');

add_filter( 'prefix_default_settings', 'prefix_get_settings', 9 );

// plugin

$default_settings = apply_filters( 'prefix_default_settings', array() );

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