On a custom post type listing page the registered post statuses are listed as links above the post lists. I've a situation where custom registered post types are showing after 'trash' and I still want trash to be the last listed link.

What can I do? It's hard to find documentation on this because the of the complex terminology. Anyall help appreciated.

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Turns out you can use this filter to alter the priority of the post_status links:


$views = apply_filters( "views_{$this->screen->id}", $views );

If your custom post type is 'inbound-email' then the applied filter will look like this:

    add_filter( 'views_edit-inbound-email' , 'function_to_filter_priority' );
     * rebuild priority of post status links
     * @param ARRAY $links
     * @return ARRAY $new_links
    function function_to_filter_priority( $links ) {
        $new_links['all'] = $links['all'];

        if (isset($links['draft'])) {
            $new_links['draft'] =  $links['draft'];
        if (isset($links['pending'])) {
            $new_links['pending'] =  $links['pending'];
        if (isset($links['sent'])) {
            $new_links['sent'] =  $links['sent'];
        if (isset($links['automated'])) {
            $new_links['automated'] =  $links['automated'];
        if (isset($links['trash'])) {
            $new_links['trash'] =  $links['trash'];

        return $new_links;

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