I can manually log in an user by doing

wp_signon( array( 'user_login' => $user, 'user_password' => $pass ) );

But the password must be in plain text, is there a way to log in with the already hashed password instead of plain text?

Edit: It's not like I want to login without a password, I just want to use a hashed password instead of a plain text one.

  • possible duplicate of Can I programmatically login a user without a password?
    – Milo
    Commented Nov 19, 2014 at 16:45
  • So do you have access to the plaintext password, or you have access to the already-hashed password?
    – Pat J
    Commented Nov 19, 2014 at 23:42
  • You will have to be more specific in what your problem is and what solution you are aiming for. Please explain why you want to do it that way. It could be that you are facing a XY Problem.
    – kaiser
    Commented Nov 22, 2014 at 8:48
  • @kaiser because sending a plain text password can be read by man in the middle attacks. go to a coffee shop and login to a http wordpress site. anyone there on their network can see it in real time. then once they have your login they can attempt to use it at other sites. Commented Feb 8, 2016 at 3:31
  • That's what HTTPS (over SSL, over TCP) is for: It encrypts your users data.
    – kaiser
    Commented Feb 8, 2016 at 13:45


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