I am using wp_mail() function to sending email. I have one static string "Hello Admin". My clients wants convert this string to language string. So it possible to convert static string to language string while sending email.

What I have done so far, please refer my below code.

$current_user = wp_get_current_user();
$admin_email = get_option('admin_email');
$subject = get_bloginfo('name').' - Publish Details';
$message  = _("Hello Admin,",'text-domain');
$message .= "$current_user->user_login has published details. Details are as following.\r\n";   



John has published details. Details are as following.

I am not getting language string in email. Any help would be appreciate.

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You have a typo in your code, the function is __() with two underscores. You will also need to configure the textdomain 'text-domain' and have a valid translation for the end users' browser settings for it to not default to english.

// use two underscores in the method
$message  = __("Hello Admin,",'text-domain');

// assuming this is a plugin and your language files are in a /languages subdirectory
function load_textdomain() {
    load_plugin_textdomain( 'text-domain', false, dirname( plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) ) . '/languages/' );
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'load_textdomain' );

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