I'd like to pull the avatar of a blog post's author and display it on the page using BuddyPress but I cannot seem to pull it off. How would I go about this?

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Try this:

$author_id = get_the_author_meta('ID');
echo bp_core_fetch_avatar ( array( 'item_id' => $author_id, 'type' => 'full' ) ); 


   'item_id'    => false,
   'object'     => 'user',
   'type'       => 'thumb',
   'avatar_dir' => false,
   'width'      => false,
   'height'     => false,
   'class'      => 'avatar',
   'css_id'     => false,
   'alt'        => '',
   'email'      => false,
   'no_grav'    => false,
   'html'       => true,
   'title'      => '',

Something like this should work:

    $author = get_the_author_meta('ID');
        echo bp_core_fetch_avatar( array('item_id' => $author ) );

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