I heard there is two ways to put the language attribute into the html tag.

The two ways are:

  • <html <?php language_attributes();?>>
  • and <html lang="<?php bloginfo("language"); ?>">

Is there a specific coding convention everyone uses or is it a case where its up to the programmer. The reason is because I want my wordpress theme to have proper code according to the coding conventions.


Use language_attributes(), it handles rtl and html or xhtml doctypes, and has a filter that users may want to hook in a child theme.

You can see how they differ in source:

  1. language_attributes()
  2. get_bloginfo()
  • @Milo When using the language_attributes(), within <html>, several errors appears when validating the code, unlike when using bloginfo('language'). Would you say it is a case that language_attributes() causes the least issues later on, during website development? – Craig Oct 8 '17 at 17:52

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