I've checked on previous posts but my problem seems to not be covered by any previous answer.

I have WP installed into a subfolder


and a page password protected


What I need is the page working with


I've added on functions.php

//Rewrite Rules
add_rewrite_rule('thepage/', 'sub-folder/thepage/', 'top');

and tried

//Rewrite Rules
add_rewrite_rule('^thepage/', 'sub-folder/thepage/', 'top');

//Rewrite Rules
add_rewrite_rule('/thepage/', '/sub-folder/thepage/', 'top');

But nothing has worked. This is the first time I've use this function. What am I doing wrong?


The second argument of add_rewrite_rule is not a path, it the query string you want WordPress executes. This should work for example.com/sub-folder/thepage/ (change page_id with ID of your page):

add_rewrite_rule('thepage/', 'index.php?page_id=12');

or with page slug:

add_rewrite_rule('thepage/', 'index.php?pagename=thepage');

As you have WordPress in a subdirectory and you want to rip out the directoy name, you have to properly cofigure WordPress in sudirectory.

If you want all WordPress URLs in the format example.com/sub-folder/ and only rip out "sub-folder" for "thepage" you have to configure the rewrite rule in the .htaccess file on the root directory, not in WordPress:

RewriteRule ^thepage(/)?$ sub-folder/index.php?page_id=12 [L]

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