I have a CPT called 'Athlete' and a Taxonomy called 'School'.

Two sample terms have been added called 'term1' and 'term2'.

When a user views the archive for any of the 2 terms (taxonomy-school.php), I need to be able to echo the current post count of posts from within the Athlete CPT that contain the currently viewed taxonomy term.

So basically something like this:

<?php echo count_posts ('athlete', 'school', $currentTaxTerm); ?>

Is this possible, appreciate any pointers?

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In your taxonomy archive template, just add the following:

At the top: global $wp_query;

Then to get the post count for the entire term:

echo $wp_query->found_posts

This will display all posts in the query, which in a taxonomy template will be all posts attached to a term.

WP Query Codex


When you get into the loop on the archive page, you can do this :

if(have_posts()) {
  echo found_posts() . " total posts";
while(have_posts()) {

  // display each post

  • found_posts() doesn't seem to be in the list of available WP Query Methods and I couldn't get this to work on a taxonomy archive template.
    – Howdy_McGee
    Nov 11, 2014 at 21:45

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