This is what i am trying to achieve but i am not sure how:

  • I would like to check if a specific post is published or not
  • If it' not published, it should hide a specific button and show a different one in it's place

I think it's a combination of PHP and CSS but i'm not really sure where to start.

Thank you in advance for your help Charis


You can use get_post_status(ID) to check to see if the post is published. You'll need to pull the post ID (through WP Query/loop/etc)

if (get_post_status( $ID ) == "publish"){
    #Show Published Button
} else {
    #Show Not Published Button

Get Post Status in the Codex

  • Thanks for your response, it pointed me to the right direction! – thundertrax Nov 12 '14 at 15:09

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