I need to know this for a plugin I'm developing: What happens when a user creates a menu, add/remove menu items in the admin, what updates are made in the database, what tables/columns are affected?


I just got into the database after trying this myself, so beware of inaccuracies. I'm also assuming the database-prefix is wp_.

What I found was that a refrence to the menu itself is stored in both wp_termsand wp_term_taxonomy. The one in term_taxonomyalso stores the number of elements in the menu.

The relationships between menu items and posts are stored in wp_term_relationships as refrences to post_id's and taxonomy_id's. I hope this was somewhat helpful.

  • Yeah, thanks. That means I can programatically create a menu by inserting into wp_terms and wp_term_taxonomy, which I did. – bodesam Nov 11 '14 at 4:36

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