I wonder how you can list specific shortcodes, for example with this code you get a list of all active shortcode tags:


global $shortcode_tags;

echo '<pre>'; print_r($shortcode_tags); echo '</pre>';


I want to create a statement to get specific shortcodes tags for example:

we want a list of all shortcodes [hello]

if ($shortcode_tags==[hello]) {

echo '<pre>'; print_r($shortcode_tags[hello]); echo '</pre>';


Any suggest; thank you

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The conditional needs to test against strings which would be the name of the shortcode. If you're looking for the [hello] shortcode the conditional would look like:

echo '<pre>'; print_r( $shortcode_tags['hello'] ); echo '</pre>';

So if you use add_shortcode() the string you'll be looking for is the first parameter: $tag.

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