I want to disable temporarily site visiting and user logins to a multisite blog for the site maintenance time, excepting for super-admins and for a specific user. I found this function (thanks @joshc) and it works very well, but I don't know how to add the specific username to it so it can visit the site too. Please help!

This is what I tried, but without success, the user test_user is not allowed to login:

function site_maintenance() {
    global $user_login;
    if ( !is_super_admin() || $user_login != 'test_user' ) {
        $logout_url = wp_login_url().'?mode=maintainance';
        wp_redirect( $logout_url, 302 );
add_action('get_header', 'site_maintenance');

Your if case matches any user who is not both a super admin and test_user.

For example, given a user test_user who is not superadmin, the result would be

if (true || false) redirect

Since one condition is true, the redirect would be triggered. Using the && operator, you'd get

if (true && false) redirect.

Since both are not true, it doesn't trigger the redirect.

  • But && will mean that test_user must be a super admin, or not? Anyway, I will try what you suggest, thank you! – Iurie Malai Nov 7 '14 at 17:45
  • Thank you, Jeremiah! With your help my function now works as expected! – Iurie Malai Nov 8 '14 at 7:57

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