I am having a small issue where i need to call add_action method which is conditional. Basically here, first checking whether the plugin active or not by admin_init action. If true then i need another add_action call from that action.

Please find the scenario what i am looking for:

        function check_some_other_plugin() {
            if ( is_plugin_active('some-plugin.php') ) {
                    //if true then vc_before_init action will run
                    add_action( 'vc_before_init', 'vc_master_home_slider' );
        add_action( 'admin_init', 'check_some_other_plugin' );

        function vc_master_home_slider() {
            //my stuff

I will really appreciate if somebody answer me to find actual way to get rid of this issue.


just check inside the action ^^

add_action( 'vc_before_init', 'vc_master_home_slider' );

function vc_master_home_slider(){
    //Do stuff.

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