I'm moving a bunch of websites from independent installs to a single multisite install.

This seems to be going smoothly, but I noticed that the upload directories have changed from <upload directory> to <upload directory>/sites/<site id>.

While the change in the link appearance is unlikely to cause me any real trouble (even though I tend to care about link stability), I don't like that an implementation detail as the multisite install is "leaks" through this public facing path.

Can you think of any other "giveaway" that a website is using multisite?

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    If this post is about "security through obscurity" (keeping system information in the shades), then I can simply tell you to stop worrying. Each version of WP is very easy to determine and you can't hold someone back from examining if you are running version X with plugin Y and a single or multisite install. Also it's really not worth your time worrying about that. – kaiser Nov 3 '14 at 2:32
  • Hi Kaiser, I see your point. First of all I'm not really worried, I mainly asked for curiosity. Secondly, it's mostly about stability of links - i.e. if I moved away from Wordpress I would try hard to keep all the links intact in the new system, so it's ironic that moving from one WP install to another something changes. Having said that I understand why this happens and, again, I'm not too worried (although hotlinks to WP hosted pictures are far from being rare). – UncleZeiv Nov 3 '14 at 9:08

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