I am creating some options in the functions.php file. I created a function that gets input on the front end, puts the values into a new array and returns them to the front end. I am trying to figure out how to return the values like an associative array. For example, I want to the array to return like this

Array ( [dribble_id] => dribble [google_id] => google [facebook_id] => facebook [twitter_id] => twitter ) 

the below function returns them like so

 Array ( [0] => dribble [1] => google [2] => facebook [3] => twitter ) 

Here is the function that returns them

 function ritual_get_options()
   $arg_list = func_get_args();

    $options = array();
    foreach( $arg_list as $key => $value){
    $options[] = ot_get_option($value);
    return $options;

Do you now how I can do this?

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This is not really a Wordpress question but more PHP. To solve this problem, you need to use $value as your key as well plus _id

You can do something like this

$options[$value . '_id'] = ot_get_option($value);


If you need $key to be the value of id, you can also try something like this

$options[$value . '_' . $key] = ot_get_option($value);

This will render something like

google_0 => google
google_1 => google
google_2 => google
  • I've updated my answer to make use of $key as id as well Nov 2, 2014 at 5:16

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