So i've followed the clearly documented pages for the packery and the draggabilly plugins to allow for a customizable grid and looked at how localStorage can be used to remember/store data of the re-arranged order of items upon reload.

So it works fine on the front end, closely following this example.

How would one go about saving this data to a wordpress database? Can one use localstorages data structure to put the updated post order into the db (so mainly a HTML5 and js solution)? Are there any wordpress functions that would aid with this customisation (possibly resulting in more of a PHP solution)?


You would have to do the following to save the order data into the WordPress DB,

  1. Do a WordPress AJAX sending the data that you want to be stored in it. You can do it at every re-arrange event of the elements.
  2. Handle the AJAX call in PHP and either do an update_option() or an update_user_meta() to save the data.

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