I'm running the latest WordPress, WooCommerce; WC claims in its System Status that everything is okay. I tried disabling EVERY other plugin, changing themes, clearing my cache, having the permalink set to default (and then changing them to /shop/) and reinstalling WooCommerce.

Please, someone, before I throw this brick at my monitor.

I appreciate it.


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WooCommerce has it's own loop (eg this is their "Products Loop" that it loves to use, your theme may not support it and/or conflict with it. One way to rule this out is to use their themes (I know, shock, horror) fortunately they have some free themes you can use, if only for testing purposes.

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    Joshua, please read this meta post before you invest time in answering questions that get closed. Thanks.
    – kaiser
    Oct 30, 2014 at 12:52

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