I am trying to convert a website on CMS Made Simple (GitHub account) onto Wordpress. I have researched online extensively only to find no substantial content to help me.

Is there a potential script that can perform this migration? If not, could someone explain the steps to follow in order to do this?

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I didn't meet any ready-made script for CMS Made Simple to Wordpress conversion, but I've found out that WordPress Codex has a listed service for it.


I don't know if Joomla and CMS Made Simple are similar, but I did a migration from Joomla Website (very old version) to WordPress.

For this, I did many queries in SQL to copy the content from Joomla to WordPress.

If you have a good knowledge on tables of WordPress & CMS Made Simple, maybe you can do this.

Migration of content from Joomla to WordPress:

INSERT INTO wp_posts(`post_author`,`post_date`,`post_content`,`post title`, `post_modified`)
SELECT `created_by`,`created`,`introtext`,`title`,`modified` FROM jos_content

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