I am working with someone that has a host (internetplanners.com) that uses fantastico to install WordPress.

Basically, my question is has anyone had bad experiences with fantastico or webhost internetplanners.com?

Note, I have installed Wordpress on my local machine (Windows) and didn't have any trouble. I don't have experience installing on a hosting service manually but think I could do it needed.

Since I wasn't familiar with fantastico one-click install, I did a search and found 2 links about reasons not to use fantastico:

http://www.howtospoter.com/web-20/wordpress/3-reasons-not-to-use-fantastico-for-wordpress 1) simplicity = false security (if upgrade breaks, it can be difficult to fix); 2) upgrade doesn't put in maintenance mode or back up database, 3) upgrade doesn't deactivate plug ins.

from http://wordpress.org/support/topic/installing-from-justhost : I agree with ZGani. Fantastico doesn't upgrade the third party scripts version frequently. So you have to wait for Fantastico upgrade to get latest version of WordPress. 


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I always thought that Fantastico essentially just;

  1. Placed a copy of WordPress on your server (not always the latest version, as you say, this is a local copy limited by the update frequency of Fantastico)
  2. Set-up a database (and user) automatically
  3. Configured wp-config.php accordingly

Then you'd just continue to use WordPress for maintenance as you would normally.

In the past, I've worked on WP sites that were set-up with it, and don't recall any issues updating it.

Personally, being a geek, I always run a manual install. Just feels cleaner, plus I know I'm always starting with the latest and greatest version.


Some hosts bundle a bunch of plugins with their Fantastico installs. Several of them now include Jetpack in the bundle, and occasionally a host will include a bunch of other stuff you probably don't want. Its not a problem to delete the extra junk you don't want after running the install script. And you're under no obligation to use Fantastico to actually manage upgrades - WP core does that just fine.

The only bad experience I had with one-click installs was on a host (Network Solutions) who had been seriously hacked. The WordPress install that was built through the one-click process was all kinds of corrupted - had sneaky eval()'d code in it and everything. Wiping the install and uploading a fresh core, and changing db passwords fixed that - but it isn't something I'd want to go through again.

  • Thanks -- I ended up trying with Fantastico and it looks good.
    – SeraM
    May 13, 2011 at 14:36

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