I am trying to duplicate my WordPress multisite on local with Xampp, but I get error.

This are the steps I follow(I will use example instead of my website name):

  • Copy all WordPress 4.0 files to htdocs/projects/example (the directory on I want to have this project)
  • Create the database "example"
  • follow the steps to install wordpress
  • Configure multisite network (all work fine up to this step, a new/blank multisite works correct)
  • Replace the wp-content folder
  • Delete all database tables and import the online database (previously exported)
  • I use Search and Replace DB plugin to replace all instances of the domains with localhost/projects/example

I have to say that I have do some migration before of a normal WordPress install and I have once migrate this same multisite to a new host and domain and all work correctly!

The database connection data is correct, the required tables are there, including wp_blogs table and all the domains seems to be changed, so where can be the error?

  • What is the exact error message? Where are you seeing it?
    – Pat J
    Oct 22, 2014 at 16:31

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Finally I have been able of import the database succesfully. Because my path is localhost/projects/example and no only localhost, after doing the replace with the plugin I have to manually change some tables path.

On wp_blogs and wp_site tables I have:

  • Domain = localhost/projects/example
  • Path = /

I have to change to:

  • Domain = localhost
  • Path = /projects/example/

And now it works perfectly!!

If somebody know about a way to do this change automaticaly I will love to read it.

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