I have strange issue with Wordpress on my server. After installing WP, some sites of admin panel require over 3-4 minutes to load. There are these "some" :

  • Plugins

  • Themes

  • Dashoboard main site

  • Import

Posts are also loaded inpropertly. It's very confusing because ONLY for these sites errors occur. It doesn't seem to be a server configuration problem because the same server manage with other websites (Joomla etc.) . It's really fast as well as conncetion from ISP.

The question is: Is there something (missing) in wp-config.php , wp-setting.php or other files that might caused such a bizzare slow of loaded pages? What about server configuration?

I set up a new WP so there is no plugins or other stuff installed. Memory limit is set to 128MB. Page analyzers show long time for redirect from /wp-admin to /wp-admin/ and connection errors to mysite.com/wp-admin. (without details). Google PageSpeed Insights show me timeout so I suppose that others analyzers mean the same.

Any help would be appreciate. Thank you in advance! :)


I looked at database and some variables at summaration and there are lots of records that I am worry about. I am not sure is this caused by Wordpress or server configuration is guilty but that is what i have spotted:

Handler_read_rnd 29 M

Handler_read_rnd_next 172 M

Qcache_lowmem_prunes 103 k

Created_tmp_disk_tables 147 k

Select_range_check 19 k

Opened_tables 12 k

Select_full_join 2 296

Table_locks_waited 930

There is nothing beside Wordpress on server. So in database

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    "couple connection errors". What connections exactly? (in an edit please) – kaiser Oct 16 '14 at 16:05
  • This sounds like an underpowered/overloaded server to me, but there is too little information to be sure. As kaiser asked, "What connections exactly?" – s_ha_dum Oct 16 '14 at 16:26
  • I'm not sure what are you asking about :). Connections to /wp-admin. It seems to be underpowered/overloaded but it's not. And here's a problem – user58865 Oct 16 '14 at 16:37

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