I am writing a simple WP plugin that could log the user in and out. As far as login is concerned its working good but I cannot log out, through my plugin. Logout doesn't work after I login. I have tried a lot of suggested solutions but none of them worked.

This is my code:

function vrm_loginout(){


        echo '<a href="<?php echo wp_logout_url($redirect); ?>" title="Logout">Logout</a>';

        //tried following as well
    //echo '<a href="<?php echo wp_logout_url( get_permalink() )>" title="Logout">Logout</    a>'; title="Logout">Logout</a>';



    }//end of if

}//end of function

add_shortcode('vrm_loginform', 'vrm_loginout');

You are using PHP tag inside echo statement.

Try this:

echo '<a href="'.wp_logout_url().'" title="Logout">Logout</a>';

If you want to redirect to any specific url then you can pass it as argument of wp_logout_url.

Check official documentation of wp_logout_url.

Note :

It is recommended to return value from the shortcode function rather than directly displaying it. Try return instead of printing output by echo.

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