I want to make a different front-page and show it to the mobile user, instead of the one used on desktop.

In detail, right now we have set our site to show desktop-front-page to user, when he lands on www.domain.com. Now, I want to make a different front-page (mobile-front-page) which can be served to the user coming from mobile. Is that possible? Any ideas?

PS. I looked into wp_is_mobile() but that seems to send mobile user to a URL you specify. What I actually need is that user should land (and remain) on www.domain.com, but instead of the desktop-front-page, the mobile-front-page should be served.


Switching the actual template file could work in the same way as above using get_template_part().

For example...

if ( wp_is_mobile() ) { // If it is a mobile device

get_template_part( 'mobile-front', 'page' );

} else { // If it is not a mobile device

get_template_part( 'desktop-front', 'page' );

} // end wp_is_mobile()

To take this a step further...

You could add a filter on template_include to load the specific template file using wp_is_mobile() to determine which template file to load.

The Codex info for template_include.


I believe you're on the right track with wp_is_mobile().

Have you tried creating just one front-page.php and adding an if / else statement to alter display between desktop and mobile?

Something like:

if ( wp_is_mobile() ) { // If it is a mobile device

get_header( 'mobile' );
// Display some other stuff here
get_footer( 'mobile' );

} else { // If it is not a mobile device

// Display some other stuff here

} // end wp_is_mobile()
  • Sweet. This could surely be one way. I will wait for someone to chip-in with the method where I can switch front-pages, if not I will mark this as the right answer. – vajrasar Oct 15 '14 at 9:02

I know I might be off as this is an old question but I have found this answer here and it works, it simply redirects the main page to the mobile home page using this script in the home page text editor where /mobile is the link you want to redirect to. I have tried it and it works you can check it on medicalfa.

 if (document.documentElement.clientWidth <760) {
   window.location = "/mobile";

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