I have the id of a term. Which is the function to call to get the parent id of the term?


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If you already have the term, like the term is an actual object you could use $term->parent. Otherwise you can do something like this:

$term = get_term($id, 'YOUR_TAXONOMY_HERE');
$termParent = ($term->parent == 0) ? $term : get_term($term->parent, 'YOUR_TAXONOMY_HERE');

The 2nd portion of this is a shorthand if-else, IF it doesn't have a parent, then we assign it itself, otherwise we get the parent.

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    If only the ID is needed (and not term object), modify line #2 to: $termParent = $term ? $term->parent : false;. This will either give you the parent ID, or false. Not the object. Also saves a query. Oct 13, 2014 at 20:29

To get all parents of "category" you can use :

get_ancestors($term_id, 'category', 'taxonomy');

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