I'm new to wordpress, but I have enough developer experience. (the first thing I did was to get a blank template (blankslate) to start building up this wp site).

I want to understand what are the options for content that will be present on several templates. For now, think about the footer. I want to be able to edit its content using an HTML editor (like the post content editor).

I will be creating the templates myself. I need something that using the WP control panel will allow me to populate some sort of 'key-value' thing. Inside the templates ideally I would be able to do get_content('key') and I will get the contents for it.

Have in mind that this should not be POST or PAGE specific. I want to be able to access it from any template, and not to be related to a specific POST or PAGE. This is why custom fields won't help.

So, what plugins can help me? Is this something that is already integrated into wordpress?



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There are numerous storage mechanisms in WordPress, issue mostly is you might not be making right calls which one to use until you get some practical experience with them.

Very loosely they are (from more user–facing to more developer–facing):

  • posts/page and custom posts types — for post–like content
  • widgets and sidebars they are going in — for “blocks” of things
  • post meta — for content–related data which isn't actual primary textual content
  • options — for arbitrary key/value store

There are more, but one of these is likely what you want for starters. Note that all of them can be used in varied ways. Custom post types (CPTs) can be very different from “normal” posts.

While direct plugin recommendations are not considered in scope here, from development point of view (which happens to match your requirements pretty close), I would suggest to look at Spots plugin.

  • Spots Plugin looks like what I'm looking for! I'm going to try it.
    – DanC
    Oct 5, 2014 at 17:53

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