I have a few separate WordPress MultiSite (WPMS) installations that I've been using for testing. In most instances except for the current test, I can access /wp-login/, /admin/, /wp-admin/, but on the other hand, some installations lead to a blank page when accessing /admin/.

I installed using https :// www., which to my relief, made the whole website load using HTTPS by default. I was preparing for using one of those HTTPS Plugins to force HTTPS site-wide - I'm glad I won't need to depend on a Plugin as such given I've got plenty of other Plugins to install.

However, I suspect that installing WPMS over HTTPS has resulted in /wp-login/ leading to a 404 Error / Not Found. I was expecting to be forwarded to /wp-login.php?redirect_to= OR /wp-login/ to load the page.

UPDATE: After 4 tests and installations, the fact is two sites load /wp-login/, whilst others throw a 404 and require /wp-login.php. Installing using HTTPS or HTTP is irrelevant. Seems to be a Permissions related issue. Two installations accept /wp-login/, other 2 require /wp-login.php.


Are these Admin URL inconsistencies indicative of misconfiguration in CHMOD File Permission?

My WPMS Network settings are:

Domain, Siteurl, Home: https :// www.mydomain.org.uk

Related wp-config.php settings:

define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'www.mydomain.org.uk');

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