Is there any way how to APPLY plugins to all sites in network? And that does not mean that plugin will be "running" on the site.

I need that the plugin is affecting all sites.

i.e. hide text in administration, remove a metabox while editing etc.

(I have a plugin that does that and it worked before I installed Network. But now if I activate it it does nothing.)

I have not find any solution yet. Also why does activated plugins in network does not have any settings available? i.e. Adminize etc.


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You can create a folder /wp-content/mu-plugins/ and put the plugins there.

Must-use plugins (a.k.a. mu-plugins) are plugins installed in a special directory inside the content folder and which are automatically enabled on all sites in the installation. Must-use plugins do not show in the default list of plugins on the Plugins page of wp-admin – although they do appear in a special Must-Use section – and cannot be disabled except by removing the plugin file from the must-use directory, which is found in wp-content/mu-plugins by default. WordPress Codex

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