I'd like to insert a script and if possible some PHP for a custom post type. I'm looking for a hook to do this on the add new or edit screens. Any idea what I'd use for this? I tried "edit_post" but that didn't seem to work.

  • possible duplicate of Load a script just to custom post type in admin – Howdy_McGee Sep 26 '14 at 18:29
  • That's helpful but it's not just scripts I want to load, but PHP as well if possible. – paper_robots Sep 26 '14 at 18:32
  • I did the same mistake as @Howdy_McGee with his duplicate suggestion with my answer. You probably should specify your question, but reading beforehand How do I ask a good question? won't hurt. – Nicolai Sep 26 '14 at 18:51
  • There are numerous hooks that will allow you to add PHP to a page, but without knowing where exactly you want to add the code your question can't really be answered with any specificity. – s_ha_dum Oct 3 '14 at 15:51

There is admin_enqueue_scripts():

admin_enqueue_scripts is the first action hooked into the admin scripts actions. This hook provides a single parameter, the $hook_suffix for the current admin page. And it's an action it can only be used to callback a specified function.

Usage like:

add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'function_name' );

The codex page provides even an example on how to target a specific admin page:

function wpse162680_enqueue_script( $hook ) {
    $screen = get_current_screen();
    if ( $hook == 'post.php' && $screen->post_type != 'your-custom-posttype' ) {
    wp_enqueue_script( 'my_custom_script', plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) . 'myscript.js' );
add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'wpse162680_enqueue_script' );

Read Admin Screen Reference on how to target the right screen.

Note: About the other part of your question, maybe Post Status Transitions will help to there, but actually I'm not sure what you want to achieve.

  • This might work, is there a way to target a specific post type? – paper_robots Sep 26 '14 at 19:00
  • 1
    You can test the current screen id against the post type slug, e.g. if ( 'post_type_slug' == get_current_screen()->id ) { ... } – DrewAPicture Sep 26 '14 at 19:07
  • I adapted my answer to help you out, but note this is only for scripts too. – Nicolai Sep 26 '14 at 19:12
  • Or as @DrewAPicture said, btw DrewAPicture you're right about your edit, this means the codex page is wrong ;) Do you want to update the codex or should I? – Nicolai Sep 26 '14 at 19:14
  • 1
    Actually, I'm also updating the Code Reference article, which the Codex article will soon redirect to :) – DrewAPicture Sep 26 '14 at 19:41

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