I was wondering if it's possible to display certain content if a user meta field is set to a certain value.

The most related thing I could find is get user meta, however it seems to get the user meta from the author of the page/post, and not from the logged in user - correct?

Appreciate any hints - cheers!


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No, not correct - get_user_meta() returns meta data based on the $user_id parameter you provide. You can combine it with get_current_user_id() to check if an user is logged in and than - if so - get the post meta. E.g. like this:

$curr_user_id = get_current_user_id();
// the value is 0 if the user isn't logged-in
if ( $curr_user_id != 0 ) {
    // we know now the user is logged-in, so we can use his/her ID to get the user meta
    $um_value = get_user_meta( $curr_user_id, 'your-key', true );
    // now we check if the value is correct
    if ( ! empty( $um_value ) && $um_value == 'your-value' ) {
        // if so we can output something
        echo 'user meta has the value';

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