How do I add Facebook OpenGraph tags in the header when the header has already been called, and the values I need to add are obtained in the body? This is a highly customized theme (which I did not create).

Here is the image.php file which contains the attachment page for an image:

  <div class="posted-att">
      echo wp_get_attachment_image($attachment_id,'large');

I don't know where $attachment_id is set. It's not set in image.php. It's set in several places in wp-admin and wp-includes but I'm not sure which ones are relevant.

I tried adding the following to header.php, but $attachment_id was null/0.

<?php wp_head(); ?>

<?php echo 'attachment id = ' . $attachment_id; ?>
<?php if ($attachment_id != null) : // Facebook OpenGraph
  $shareImage = wp_get_attachment_url($attachment_id); ?>
  <meta property="og:image" content="<?=$shareImage?>" />
<?php endif; ?>

I also found this http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-add-facebook-open-graph-meta-data-in-wordpress-themes/, but my posts don't have featured images. I'm trying to share specific attached images.

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$attachment_id is simply the numerical ID assigned to any media you have uploaded. You can write:

echo wp_get_attachment_image('1','large');

to display the large size of image attachment with ID of 1.

You should setup a new query to get all of the attachment IDs associated with the current post, then you can


Check this example and modify the li's to become the meta property declaration instead: codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_get_attachment_image#Display_all_images_as_a_list


You can get all images attached to the current post with something like this :

$images = get_posts(
            'post_type'      => 'attachment',
            'post_mime_type' => 'image',
            'post_parent'    => $post->ID, // the current post id
            'posts_per_page' => 1,

Your theme is most likely just using the first attachment or something similar.

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