So I have a widget area that, in v4.0, is burried in a dropdown within the secondary Widgets panel on the Customize panel page.

Because it's the only widget area it feels rather silly being burried so deeply, so I'm wondering if there's a way to override the nesting and make that widget area dropdown a top-level section like it was in v3.x?

It looks like this was brought up by the Core team here, but didn't gain any traction.

Does anyone know how I might be able to do this?


Got it.

Admittedly, this feels hacky but seems to do the job just fine.

In my existing customize_register hook I set the following:

// Retreive the widget section in the Theme Customizer
// We need to cast the return of get_section to an object
// "the_widgets_section" in get_section is the ID of the registered widget area
$widget_area = (object) $wp_customize->get_section( 'sidebar-widgets-the_widgets_section' )
// The value of panel will be 'widgets', so we set it back to '' (top level panel)
$widget_area->panel = '';
// If you're so inclined, we can change the title of it as well.
$widget_area->title = __( 'My Widgets', 'textdomain' );
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