I'm using wp_insert_term to create categories, after the category is created I'd like to get its ID:

$cat_id = wp_insert_term($name, 'category', array('slug' => $slug) );

...however when I try to print $cat_id I get Array instead of the actual ID. I guess I have to state which part of the array I need, but I don't really know what the variable for the ID would be?

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It should be a key of term_id, so echo out $cat_id['term_id'] and you should get the new terms ID.


According to the Codex:

Return Values (array|WP_Error)

The Term ID and Term Taxonomy ID.


array( 'term_id'=>12,'term_taxonomy_id'=>34)

So try for example:

$cid = wp_insert_term( $name, 'category', array( 'slug' => $slug ) );

if ( ! is_wp_error( $cid ) )
    // Get term_id, set default as 0 if not set
    $cat_id = isset( $cid['term_id'] ) ? $cid['term_id'] : 0;
    // ... etc ...
     // Trouble in Paradise:
     echo $cid->get_error_message();

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