Is there a way to create sortable columns for admin tables across ALL post types?

I am working on a project with 7 Custom Post Types, and wondering if there is a better approach than using multiple manage_edit-{Post-Type-Here}_sortable_columns filters for each post type.

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You're going to have to use the filters for each post type anyway. If you plan to leverage a bunch of dynamic filters that all call for all 7 post type slugs you could stick them in an array and loop through the filters with a foreach. Saves a little bit of code at least.

$post_types = array(
    'ptype_one', 'ptype_two', 'ptype_three', 'ptype_four',
    'ptype_five', 'ptype_six', 'ptype_seven'

foreach ( $post_types as $type ) {
    add_filter( "manage_edit-{$type}_sortable_columns", "your_callback" );
  • Thanks Drew, this is exactly what I am looking at now. My curiosity was piqued after discovering a Tuts+ article which describes in the "Other Usages" section that by using manage_posts_columns and manage_posts_custom_column hooks, the custom column will be shown in all manage posts screens (ie: across all custom post types). Apparently, for whatever reason, the same sort of thing does not hold true for the sortable column filters.
    – Dub Tempo
    Commented Sep 7, 2014 at 23:30
  • Yeah, good call on the double quotes. I just didn't think about it :) Commented Sep 8, 2014 at 0:23

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