I am having an issue with a query outputting the YouTube url rather than the video itself. The post I am querying has a Youtube url in the content area. Of course, when viewing the post, you don’t see the url, you see the video, as it’s supposed to be.

When using get_the_content to display this post on another page, it’s outputting the Youtube url rather than embedding the video automatically. If I use the_content, then it outputs the video, but it does so before the other html.

Here’s my query, if that helps: http://pastebin.com/zUHXSjui

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The problem is that as you are calling the function directly, there are filters that arent being called, you can fix this by calling the apply_filters function using the_content filter, like this.

apply_filters( 'the_content', $content );

Where $content is the result of get_the_content()


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