What I want

When a user opens a category link, there should be automatically displayed the first queried post.

My query looks like this:

    <?php global $query_string;
            $posts = query_posts($query_string.'&posts_per_page=1&order=ASC'); ?>

        <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
        <?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?>
        <?php endwhile; endif; ?>

        <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

The problem

The category URL displays the first queried content, but the wrong featured image, which is taken from the last queried post, meaning order=DESC is used.

Any idea how to solve this?

Maybe important

The featured images are set as full screen background images via backstretch.js by using

wp_enqueue_script( 'backstretch', get_bloginfo( 'stylesheet_directory' ) . '/js/jquery.backstretch.min.js', array( 'jquery' ), '1.0.0' );
wp_enqueue_script( 'backstretch-set', get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory').'/js/backstretch-set.js' , array( 'jquery', 'backstretch' ), '1.0.0' );

wp_localize_script( 'backstretch-set', 'BackStretchImg', array( 'src' => wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ) ) );
  • Try using WP_Query to get the posts, query_posts shouldn't be used, never. Also, I don't think you can call get_post_thumbnail_id, and at the point it's called there's no ID, so the get_the_ID() method should be failing, try turning debugging on.
    – Tomás Cot
    Sep 5, 2014 at 12:33

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Do not use query_posts, and also do not replace the main query with a custom query. This causes more issues than solving the one issue you had before with the main query. I've done a complete post on these issues recently that you can check out here

According to your query, the only two things you need to change is posts_per_page and order to do this, you can simply use pre_get_posts to alter the query variables before the main query is executed. You can specifically target only category pages with the conditional tag is_category()

To solve this issue, return to the default loop on your category page. You'll just need the following on category.php, nothing more.

if (have_posts()) {
    while (have_posts()) {
        get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); 

In your functions.php, use this code with pre_get_posts to alter the amount of posts per page and how they are ordered on category pages

function wpse_change_category( $query ) {
    if ( !is_admin() && $query->is_category() && $query->is_main_query() ) {
        $query->set( 'posts_per_page', '1' );
        $query->set( 'order','ASC' );
add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'wpse_change_category' );
  • 1
    awesome! thanks for the hint with pre_get_posts. I am going to read about that. Thanks!
    – kabr
    Sep 5, 2014 at 14:14

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