On a site that I'm working on I have a particular page that has four subpages, which act like process steps. I want the parent page to always redirect to the first of these as a default, should the user type in or click on a url that only points to the parent page. Is there a way to accomplish this without the use of mod_rewrite? Thanks in advance.


You can try something like this. This will check if a page has child pages and if it does then it will redirect the first page in array ordered by menu order.

// get child pages
$child_page = get_pages( "child_of=" . $post->ID . "&sort_column=menu_order" );

if ( $child_page ) {

    // get id of first child page
    $firstchild = $child_page[0];
    wp_redirect( get_permalink( $firstchild->ID ) );

  • Ah, didn't know about wp_redirect. Thanks! – Staffan Estberg Sep 4 '14 at 6:36

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