I've created a custom menu page with some fields. I want to store these settings to use elsewhere.

The form with the fields should save and POST data using action="options.php" but every time I hit save on the form it sends me back to the settings page, and does not save the data.

I'm registering the settings in my functions.php

function register_settings() {  

This is the form action

<form method="post" action="options.php">

Here is the full code which is in functions.php http://pastebin.com/zVhSLZ9d

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<?php settings_fields( 'settings-group' ); ?>
<?php do_settings_sections( 'settings-group' ); ?> 

immediately after the <form> tag

Your code is registering the settings group, setting up the DB to store the information, but it is/was missing the callback to allow WordPress to actually act on that information or store it.

The code I provided tells WordPress what to access, and what to do with the form.

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    Please explain why Sep 3, 2014 at 15:12
  • @PieterGoosen I fully intended to, but the mobile app cut me off for some reason - Explanation now added - thanks for the reminder!
    – Scott S
    Sep 4, 2014 at 16:48

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